I'm a rising sophomore at New York University studying Computer Engineering. I tinker with software and offensive security in order to try to innovate impactful solutions in the digital ecosystem.

My technical work varies, but mainly lies in the fields of binary and systems analysis, compilers, reverse engineering, and cryptography. I also occasionally do full-stack web dev + sec. I'm interested in functional programming, machine learning, startups and digital minimalism.

I write stuff sometimes here. You can find a copy of my resume here.

Feel free to reach out to me through email at alan \[at\] codemuch.tech, or find me on Keybase as @ex0dus. I'm also on Github, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Previous Roles

Notable Projects

  • boa \~ web-based reverse engineering platform for Python apps and malware.

  • ward \~ static hardening software for Linux applications (WIP).

  • Ghostpass \~ privacy-first secrets cryptosystem.

  • binsec \~ Swiss Army Knife for Binary (In)Security.

  • brute \~ crowd-sourced credential stuffing engine for security professionals.

  • microkv \~ security-enhanced minimal persistent key-value store.