About Me

I am a high-school student and (aspiring) systems engineer residing in NYC. I have a keen interest in cybersecurity, low-level programming, programming language design, and electrical engineering. While I am proficient in full-stack web development, I have developed a steady love-hate relationship with it. My code is publicly available on Github or turingmachines.

I currently run Arch Linux with a pretty nice rice. My dotfiles are here. My current programming languages comprise of Rust, C/C++, Python and (a lil) x86 Intel Assembly. I love Rust's type safety implementation, but the ownership system has led to a steep learning curve.

In the future, I want to work more with deep learning, using predictive modeling and sentiment analysis to conduct stock market analysis. I wish to attend CMU or NYU to major in electrical engineering & cybersecurity.


  • Crytography

  • Computational Models (turing machines, automata, etc)

  • Operating Systems

  • Cybersecurity

  • Systems to web technologies (e.g webasm)

  • X11 programming and ricing

  • Programming Languages and Design

  • Stock Market Analysis