If you are reading this, you are currently looking at my submission for a Kleiner Perkins Fellowship. Here’s why I’m a great fit and how I can bring value to your portfolio companies!

What impact do you want to have on the world and why?

I want to bring build products and services that revolutionizes how we incorporate security and privacy directly into our lives, whether it is digital or physical. In an era where we are raising ethical concerns about various aspects of accountability and its conflicts with safety and security, it’s absolutely critical for the free market to strongly innovate in ideas that proactively protects users in various aspects without the cost of undermining privacy.

As a student who has spent time in the security and privacy industry, it’s really disappointing to see how businesses in the space often shift to build B2B enterprise solutions that put collectivized organizations first, rather than individual end-users. During a time where whole nation-states are becoming threat actors weaponizing sophisticated technologies against their own citizens and other foreigners, it is very important to take a strong stance in protecting our ever-so expanding digital lives, especially in the most vulnerable of our users. Whether it is meaningful innovations in threat and endpoint security at a consumer-level, or privacy-preserving data management solutions, I want to progress us towards a safer yet transparent digital ecosystem for every single person. As a Kleiner Perkins Fellow, I would take strong advantage of this opportunity to work with companies to help better position their cultures of security for all their users, while building a professional network of entrepreneurs with experience in the industry to help propel it forward through innovation.

Describe your most meaningful experience(s) and why they matter to you.

During my time in high school, I had the amazing opportunity to work at and help grow a top leading security R&D consultancy. I had the responsibility of leading some of the development of their cutting-edge security research, contributing heavily to open-sourced and internal software, and using this work to engage in security assurance work for business clients of all sizes.

I’m really proud of this experience because I was not only able to lead and work on projects that I was passionate about, but I was also able to use that work to communicate and engage with stakeholders and clients alike, demonstrating how I can create real value and impact for them. With the help of brilliant coworkers and mentors, I was able to push myself to be the best I can be professionally and interpersonally, while being able to show my immigrant family that their hard work and dedication to my well-being has paid off immensely.

This is one of my most meaningful accomplishments to date, not because it makes my resume look good, but because it brought to me incredibly valuable insights into my industry, instilled a strong work ethic, and helped build confidence in myself that I lacked. I cannot wait to continue my journey as a potential Kleiner Perkins Fellow, in order to further use my background to help create value and impact in the world.