my work mostly surrounds systems, security and computation, with tidbits of web. i mostly orient myself in research and development, building products that innovate and solve problems, as well as providing me an incentive to build and learn. this page is here to showcase are some of my most valued work.


turingmachines is an independent organized that some friends and i maintain in order to publish open-sourced code that is oriented towards research, specifically in the fields of distributed systems, computation, and cryptography. while our projects are currently small-scaled, we aim to provide simplicity towards complexity in today’s systems.

> cybersecurity

brut3k1t cybersecurity, web, systems

server-side bruteforce framework that supports dictionary attacks for several protocols.

D0xk1t cybersecurity, reconaissance,

web-based active reconaissance framework for penetration testers

dedsploit cybersecurity

penetration testing toolkit with support for multiple protocols

> research

lagrange cybersecurity, math, systems, research

a small library for Lagrange polynomial interpolation in Galois fields

colurscheme data, clustering, machine-learning, systems

research in k-means clustering for color quantization

PolyPasswordHasher systems, cryptography, security, research

Rust implementation of NYU’s PolyPasswordHasher storage scheme

> systems

imperium linux, systems, devops

a linux distribution for rebels

spintable music, terminal, systems

music player for terminal-lovers!

toblerone x11, display, systems

background display manager for X11 systems

bookcli systems, bookmarking, terminal

bookmarking for terminal-lovers!

colloquial systems, cryptography, ffi

outsourcing entropy to dictionary corpuses

> web

newton.css web, front-end, design

CSS Framework designed for aesthetic typography and minimalism through simplification