Hello, I'm Alan!

nyc hs student, hopeful computer engineer / pentester / entrepreneur
#linux #systems-engineering #security


hello world! this is my website. here, i document my adventures and endeavors into the world of programming, cybersecurity, and other fun miscellaneous tech stuff. whilst i don't actively blog, i do try my best to maintain this site as much as possible, representing my personal tastes in minimalism.

if you ever want to contact me, you can check the contact section in many of the pages' footer. i'm trying to use pgp more and develop it into a habit, so here's my keybase public key:

$ curl https://keybase.io/ex0dus/pgp_keys.asc | gpg --import

favorite projects

  • brut3k1t - a framework built for penetration testers when conducting bruteforce attacks against various protocols and web-based services.

  • dedsploit - a community-supported, open-source and network-based penetration testing suite that supports attacks for numerous network-based protocols.

  • spintable - a terminal-based Youtube music player built in Rust.

  • bookcli - a bookmarking application for the terminal. It was developed with the Unix-lover in mind, creating a tool that enables one to save a bookmark when encountering an intriguing and interesting link.

  • ... explore more of my code here!